Pediatric Fellowship Programs


The UAB Department of Pediatrics supports 20 fellowship programs (17 ACGME and 3 non-ACGME programs), representing 73 pediatric fellows. This past year, our incoming class of 28 fellows came from residency programs in 11 different states. Over the last 10 years, our graduates have gone on to practice in 33 states and 9 foreign countries. Approximately 80% of our pediatric fellowship graduates go into academic medicine or seek additional training, while 20% go into private practice or other areas of interest (i.e., CDC, International Missions, etc.).

Over the last 10 years, our fellowship programs have grown from 55 total fellows to 73 fellows in 2021. This growth has brought constant change and improvements to our programs.

Major accomplishments for this year include:

  • New Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Fellowship Program
  • Designed dedicated community fellow space—The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requires that programs provide a safe, quiet, clean and private rest facility that is available and accessible for residents/fellows close enough to provide safe patient care. Construction began in November 2021 on a fellow rest space that will house a couch, TV, computer and refrigerator where the pediatric fellows can rest or take a break if needed.
  • Focused diversity efforts, which include, but are not limited to, lectures during the Fellow Core Conference, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Open House available to all pediatric fellow applicants to hear from some of the faculty and staff about efforts being made here in the department and UAB, and providing education to the fellowship program directors and coordinators on screening and interviewing skills during recruitment.

All fellowships benefit from a high clinical volume, wide diversity of patients and world-class researchers as their mentors.



Research and research scholarship are of upmost importance to our pediatric fellowship programs. Research activities are a requirement of the American of Board Pediatrics (ABP) as well as the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), but many of our fellows perform at a level well above the minimum expected requirements.

In the UAB Department Pediatrics, we offer some innovative opportunities and programs to assist our fellows to perform at high levels of research during their fellowship training. A few highlights include:

Annual Pediatric Science Day

Started in 2016, this daylong conference offers fellows the opportunity to present their ongoing research. On average, 50 pediatric presentations are showcased, including presentations by pediatric fellows, pediatric residents, post-docs, medical students and others. In 2021, there were 52 abstracts submitted. Each year a keynote speaker is recruited as an integral, active participant during both the platform and poster sessions.

ENRICH (Educational Research & Innovation in Clinical & Health Sciences) Week

ENRICH is a weeklong conference for healthcare educators that promotes teaching skills, fosters curriculum innovation and showcases research in health education for the 21st century.

Dixon Fellows

This program was initiated in 1988, aimed at supporting and preparing selected fellows for careers in academia. Since its inception, this program has aided in the training and research efforts of 84 fellows, with 29 of these remaining as active faculty at UAB. Learn more about the Dixon Pediatric Fellowship.

T-32 Fellowship Positions

Most recently in the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Charisse Graham has been supported on a T32 Fellowship Grant

Fellows’ Research Roundtable

The Roundtable is a twice-monthly conference to allow fellows to present ongoing research across all pediatric divisions. Faculty and fellows provide mentoring and feedback on all aspects of the projects.

Our fellows present at scientific conferences both nationally and regionally, including Southern Society for Pediatric Research (SSPR), American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition (AAP-NCE) and Pediatric Academic Society (PAS).

Highlighting some of the grants received by our pediatric fellows:

  • LEAH Grant (Adolescent Medicine)
  • Endowed Kennedy Fellow (Rheumatology)
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Fellow (Pulmonary)

To give you an idea about some of the specific projects our pediatric fellows are involved in, below you will see a selection of recent publications with the fellow’s name bolded:

John Bridges, M.D.—Rheumatology
Fac Rev. 2021 Feb 26;10:23. Recent progress in the treatment of non-systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. John M Bridges, Elizabeth D Mellins, Randy Q Cron.

Reid Burks, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
South Med J. 2021 Feb;114(2):106-110. Using a Resident-Led School Outreach Program to Improve Knowledge of All-Terrain Vehicle Safety. Kristyn Jeffries‏, A Reid Burks‏, Michele Nichols‏, Julie Farmer‏, Nipam Shah‏, Charles A Jennissen‏, Gerene M Denning‏, Kathy Monroe‏.

Matthew Clark, M.D.—Cardiology
World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg. 2021 Sep;12(5):589-596. Early Versus Late Sternal Closure in Infants-Perioperative Associations and Outcomes. Ahmed Asfari‏, Matthew G Clark‏, Kristal M Hock‏, Jordan L Huskey‏, A K M F Rahman‏, Robert J Dabal‏, Santiago Borasino‏.

Adam Cohen, M.D.—Gastroenterology
J Pediatr. 2021 Jul;234:186. 50 Years Ago in THE Journal of Pediatrics: Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli: Enduring and Evolving. Adam W Cohen, Mitchell B Cohen.

Christopher Miles Fowler, M.D.—Pulmonology
J Cyst Fibros. 2021 Jul 16;S1569-1993(21)01301-1. Cessation of smoke exposure improves pediatric CF outcomes: Longitudinal analysis of CF Foundation Patient Registry data. Gabriela R Oates‏, Elizabeth Baker‏, Joseph M Collaco‏, Steven M Rowe‏, Sarah B Rutland‏, Christopher M Fowler‏, William T Harris‏.

Blake Foxworthy, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
South Med J. 2021 May;114(5):266-270. Descriptive Epidemiology of Pediatric Drowning Patients Presenting to a Large Southern US Children's Hospital. Alicia C Webb‏, Austin Wheeler‏, Alexis Ricci‏, Blake Foxworthy‏, Brittany Hinten‏, Nipam Shah‏, Kathy W Monroe‏, Michele H Nichols‏.

Amelia Freeman, M.D.—Neonatology
Respir Res. 2021 Feb 17;22(1):57. MicroRNA 219-5p inhibits alveolarization by reducing platelet derived growth factor receptor-alpha. Amelia Freeman‏‏, Luhua Qiao‏‏, Nelida Olave‏, Gabriel Rezonzew‏, Samuel Gentle‏, Brian Halloran‏, Gloria S Pryhuber‏, Amit Gaggar‏, Trent E Tipple‏, Namasivayam Ambalavanan‏, Charitharth Vivek Lal‏‏.

Jurhee Freese, M.D.—Endocrinology
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2021 Jul 6;dgab463. Proinsulin to C-peptide Ratio in the First Year Post Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Jurhee Freese‏, Rawan Al-Rawi‏, Heather Choat‏, Alexandra Martin‏, Alison Lunsford‏, Hubert Tse‏, Gail Mick‏, Kenneth McCormick‏.

Veronica Godsey, M.D.—Cardiac Critical Care
Simul Healthc. 2020 Dec 22. The Impact of a 9-Month Booster Training Using Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice on Pediatric Resident PALS Skills. Sai Surapa Raju, Nancy M Tofil, Stacy L Gaither, Carrie Norwood, J Lynn Zinkan, Veronica Godsey, Inmaculada Aban, Yumo Xue, Chrystal Rutledge.

Anna Hoppmann, M.D.—Hematology/Oncology
J Thromb Haemost. 2021 Mar 2. Pediatric May-Thurner Syndrome—Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. Laura Avila‏, Noelle Cullinan‏, Michael White‏, Marian Gaballah‏, Anne Marie Cahill‏, Deepti Warad‏, Vilmarie Rodriguez, Cristina Tarango‏, Anna Hoppmann‏, Stephen Nelson‏, Tomas Kuhn‏, Tina Biss‏, Aaron Weiss‏, Michael Temple‏, João G Amaral‏, Nour Amiri‏, Ana C Xavier‏, Samuele Renzi‏, Leonardo R Brandão‏.
Cancer. 2021 Jun 23. Individual prediction of nonadherence to oral mercaptopurine in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Results from COG AALL03N1. Anna L Hoppmann‏, Yanjun Chen‏, Wendy Landier‏, Lindsey Hageman‏, William E Evans‏, F Lennie Wong‏, Mary V Relling‏, Smita Bhatia‏.

Eric Jorge, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
Preventive Medicine Reports. 12 July 2021. When the Kids Get Guns—The Effects of Lowering the Minimum Age of Firearm Possession in Alabama. Adnan F. Haque, Eric Jorge.

Matthew Lustig, M.D.—Child Neurology
Am J Med Genet A. 2021 Sep 2. The first post-natal clinical description of true mosaic complete tetrasomy 21: A case report. Desalyn Louise Johnson‏, Caterina Abdala Villa‏‏, Matthew C Lustig‏‏, Nathaniel H Robin‏‏.

Daniel Reiff, M.D.—Rheumatology
ACR Open Rheumatol. 2021 Aug 25. Performance of Cytokine Storm Syndrome Scoring Systems in Pediatric COVID-19 and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children. Daniel D Reiff, Randy Q Cron.
BMC Pediatr. 2021 Aug 5;21(1):333. New onset ANCA-associated vasculitis in an adolescent during an acute COVID-19 infection: a case report. Daniel D Reiff‏, Chloe G Meyer‏, Brittany Marlin‏, Melissa L Mannion‏.
Pediatr Rheumatol Online J. 2021 Feb 24;19(1):21. Distinguishing active pediatric COVID-19 pneumonia from MIS-C. Daniel D Reiff‏, Melissa L Mannion‏, Nichole Samuy‏, Paul Scalici‏, Randy Q Cron‏.

Alexis Ricci, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
South Med J. 2021 May;114(5):266-270. Descriptive Epidemiology of Pediatric Drowning Patients Presenting to a Large Southern US Children's Hospital. Alicia C Webb‏, Austin Wheeler‏, Alexis Ricci‏, Blake Foxworthy‏, Brittany Hinten‏, Nipam Shah, Kathy W Monroe‏, Michele H Nichols‏.

Nicholas Rockwell, M.D.—Critical Care
J Pediatr Intensive Care. 2021 Mar;10(1):45-51. Diurnal Variation and Nursing Perspectives in Analgesic and Sedation Medication Administration to Mechanically Ventilated Children in a Single Pediatric ICU. Jeremy M Loberger‏, Nicholas Rockwell‏, Laura Daniel‏, Inmaculada B Aban‏, Priya Prabhakaran‏.

Nicole Samies, D.O.—Infectious Diseases
J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2021 Feb 13;10(1):57-59. Pancreatitis in Pediatric Patients With COVID-19. Nicole L Samies, April Yarbrough, Suresh Boppana.
Clin Perinatol. 2021 Jun;48(2):263-274. Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Disease: Updates and Continued Challenges. Nicole L Samies‏, Scott H James‏, David W Kimberlin‏.

Meenu Sharma, D.O.—Hospital Medicine
Cureus. 2021 Jun 24;13(6):e15893. Acute Appendicitis Associated with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children. Meghan E Hofto‏, Erinn O Schmit‏, Meenu Sharma‏, Nichole Samuy‏.

Vivek Shukla, M.D.—Neonatology
International Journal of Pediatrics. Volume 2021. Skin-to-Skin Care by Mother vs. Father for Preterm Neonatal Pain: A Randomized Control Trial (ENVIRON Trial). Vivek Vishwanath Shukla, Anal Jitendrakumar Chaudhari, Somashekhar Marutirao Nimbalkar, Ajay Gajanan Phatak, Dipen Vasudev Patel, Archana Somashekhar Nimbalkar.

Kathryn Six, M.D.—Hematology/Oncology
Blood Adv. 2021 Aug 24;5(16):3199-3202. B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in patients with germline RUNX1 mutations. Kathryn A Six‏, Ulrike Gerdemann‏, Anna L Brown‏, Andrew E Place‏, Alan B Cantor‏, Matthew A Kutny‏, Serine Avagyan‏.

Christian Tan, M.D.—Cardiology
Circulation. 2020 Dec 22;142(25):2475-2478. A Wide QRS Tachycardia in a 17-Year-Old. Christian H Tan, Yung R Lau, G Neal Kay.

Alicia Webb, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
South Med J. 2021 May;114(5):266-270. Descriptive Epidemiology of Pediatric Drowning Patients Presenting to a Large Southern US Children's Hospital. Alicia C Webb‏, Austin Wheeler‏, Alexis Ricci‏, Blake Foxworthy‏, Brittany Hinten‏, Nipam Shah, Kathy W Monroe‏, Michele H Nichols‏.
South Med J. 2021 Jul;114(7):380-383. Storage of Medications: A Survey of Families in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Sydney M Mohr‏, Amanda I Atkins‏, Alicia C Webb‏, Kathy W Monroe‏, Michele H Nichols‏.

Austin Wheeler, M.D.—Emergency Medicine
South Med J. 2021 May;114(5):266-270. Descriptive Epidemiology of Pediatric Drowning Patients Presenting to a Large Southern US Children's Hospital. Alicia C Webb‏, Austin Wheeler‏, Alexis Ricci‏, Blake Foxworthy‏, Brittany Hinten‏, Nipam Shah‏, Kathy W Monroe‏, Michele H Nichols‏.

Siamak “Zaki” Yazdi, M.D.—Neonatology
Children (Basel). 2021 Oct 2;8(10):879. Dexamethasone Alters Tracheal Aspirate T-Cell Cytokine Production in Ventilated Preterm Infants. Siamak M Yazdi‏‏, Ekta U Patel‏‏, Colby D Richardson‏, K Thomas Hardy‏, John E Baatz‏, Jennifer K Mulligan‏‏, Rita M Ryan‏‏.


SWell Committee—Subspecialty Wellness Committee (SWell) is a group of energetic fellows who help plan monthly events for all pediatric fellows. Recent activities include attending a Birmingham Baron’s Baseball Game, Pumpkin Carving, Virtual Trivia and visits by Hand and Paw.

UAB GME Wellness—Graduate Medical Education (GME) at UAB is committed to resident and fellow wellness. This includes mental and physical wellness with many resources available, such as free counseling and support, training in financial health and stress management, providing lactation space, and access to many areas to eat at a discounted price. Construction was planned to begin on a wellness center at UAB to help facilitate a better work-life balance for residents and fellows but has been postponed due to COVID.

ACGME–Approved Pediatric Fellowship Programs

NON-ACGME–Approved Pediatric Fellowship Programs

2021–2022 UAB Pediatric Fellows

Adolescent Medicine
Charisse Graham, M.D.
Second Year

Brent Griffin, M.D.
First Year

Reena Patel, D.O.
Second Year

Child Neurology
Khaled Al Robaidi, M.D.
Third Year

Sarah Grace Engel, M.D.
Third Year

Erin McLeod, M.D.
Fourth Year

Matthew Lustig, M.D.
Fifth Year

Katherine Thaggard, M.D.
Fifth Year

Combined Pediatric & Adult Infectious Diseases
Audrey Lloyd, M.D.
Third Year

Combined Pediatric & Adult Rheumatology
John Bridges, M.D.
Third Year

Combined Pediatric Emergency Medicine & Critical CareJeremy Ruhlmann, M.D.
First Year

Combined Pediatric Infectious Diseases & Critical Care
Joshua Cooper, M.D.
Third Year

Kathryn Brand, M.D.
First Year

Kylee Miller, M.D.
First Year

Binh Vu, M.D.
First Year

Jacqueline Razzaghy, M.D.
Second Year

Lucinda Weaver, M.D.
Second Year

Zaki Yazdi, M.D.
Second Year

Amelia Freeman, M.D.
Third Year

Mary Silverberg, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
Lauren Smith, M.D.
First Year

Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care
Felicia Sifers, M.D.
First Year

Pediatric Cardiology
Matthew Coghill, M.D.
First Year

Matthew Clark, M.D.
Second Year

Christian Tan, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Aphton Lane, M.D.
First Year

Mitchell Moore, M.D.
First Year

Hugh Quach, M.D.
First Year

Luke Burton, M.D.
Second Year

Ananya Manchikalapati, M.D.
Second Year

Nicholas Rockwell, M.D.
Third Year

Lece Webb, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Lauren Nelson, M.D.
First Year

Alexis Ricci, M.D.
First Year

Austin Wheeler, M.D.
First Year

Reid Burks, M.D.
Second Year

Kevin Gutermuth, M.D.
Second Year

Mickinzie Morgan, M.D.
Second Year

Eric Jorge, M.D.
Third Year

Emily Skoog, M.D.
Third Year

Alicia Webb, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes
Sarah Allen, M.D.
First Year

Whitney Smith, M.D., Ph.D.
Second Year

Margaret Marks, M.D.
Third Year

Leen Matalka, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Irene Gamra, M.D.
First Year

Stephanie Saaybi, M.D.
First Year

Ana Coronado Reyna, M.D.
Second Year

Gabriel Lugo, M.D.
Second Year

Claire Keith, M.D.
Third Year

Carter Wallace, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Alexandria Broadnax, M.D.
First Year

Blake Foxworthy, M.D.
First Year

Elizabeth Gunn, M.D.
Second Year

Abbey Rocco, M.D.
Second Year

Sara Claire Hutchins, M.D.
Third Year

Kathryn Six, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Hospice & Palliative Medicine
Emily Dodenhoff, M.D.
First Year

Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Meghan Harrison, M.D.
First Year

Elizabeth Mertens, M.D.
First Year

Meenu Sharma, D.O.
Second Year

Michelle Veters, M.D.
Second Year

Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Markus Buchfellner, M.D.
First Year

Ayesha Ahmed, M.D.
Second Year

Pediatric Nephrology
Lindsey Gordon, D.O.
First Year

Kyle Deville, M.D.
Second Year

Priyanka Ameta, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Pulmonology
Christopher Mertens, M.D.
First Year

Kyle Bliton, M.D.
Second Year

Mohini Gunnett, M.D.
Third Year

Pediatric Rheumatology
Daniel Reiff, M.D.
First Year

Sleep Medicine
Robert Murray, D.O.
First Year

Vignesh Nayak, M.D.
First Year

Department of Pediatrics Fellowship Program Leadership

Ann Klasner, M.D., MPH
Director of Subspecialty Medical Education
Professor in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Ronda Chandler
Program Manager of Subspecialty Medical Education