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David B. Joseph, M.D.

David M. Kitchens, M.D.
Associate Professor

C.M. Carmen Tong, D.O.
Associate Professor

Featured Research

Dr. Joseph is the PI for the CDC’s National Spina Bifida Patient Registry (1U01DD001237-01-00), a multi-institutional study that is acquiring longitudinal patient data across the lifespan. This data is now used by all participating centers assessing various aspects of patient care and management. He is also the PI and senior member of the coordinating committee of the CDC UMPIRE protocol (1U01DD001236-01-00). This grant supports the urologic management of the newborn with spina bifida through the age of 10, assessing the effect of a proactive treatment protocol with the goal of preserving renal function.

Dr. Kitchens is the senior UAB associate of SPUR (Southeastern Pediatric Urology Research). This regional consortium examines the prevalence of kidney stones and congenital anomalies. This is a multi-institutional collaborative research effort that includes UAB, Vanderbilt, Emory, Duke and UNC.

Dr. Tong is PI of the PKIDS study, a multi-institutional national care improvement network focused on pediatric kidney stones. She has continued her work as PI of TRICK, a national multi-institutional renal trauma consortium. Her work was recently presented at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting and Societies for Pediatric Urology Fall Congress. Dr. Tong has expanded her clinical research in spina bifida and female sexual health to include collaborative projects with the UAB School of Public Health and with the University of Michigan.


Dr. Joseph serves as Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs and chairs the Promotion and Tenure Committee of the Department of Urology. He is a member of the ACGME Urology Residency review committee. He is a past president of the American Board of Urology and currently chairs the ABU Lifelong Learning Committee and the Continuing Urologic Certification Pilot. Dr. Joseph is a member of the ABMS Committee on Continuing Certification.

Dr. Kitchens is a critical member of the department’s Clinical Competency and Program Evaluation Committees. He will begin his term on the Children’s of Alabama Physician Review Committee in 2022.

Dr. Tong is the director of pediatric robotic surgery and serves on the Antibiotic Stewardship Committee at Children’s of Alabama. Within UAB, she serves as co-chair of Communications and Dissemination of AAPI Faculty Association Committee and liaison for the Department of Urology to the School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Dr. Tong is a member of the Urology Care Foundational Technology & Publications Committee, AAP Surgical Advisory Panel Rural Health Workgroup, Societies for Pediatric Urology Social Media Task Force and the American College of Surgeons NSQIP-Pediatric Specialty Advisory Council for Pediatric Urology.

2021 Publications

Mallenahalli S, Fang A, Tong C, Dangle P. A Review of Literature on Long Term Outcomes of Proximal Hypospadias–Urinary, Sexual and Psychosocial. Curr Sex Health Rep 2021; 13:38-44.

Rankin H, Joseph DB, Tong C. Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction. Chapter in: J.Furstein (ed.),“Pediatric Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Effective Care.” Springer Publishing, New York, 2021. Accepted.

Tanaka ST, Yerkes EB, Routh JC, Tu DD, Austin JC, Wiener JS, Vasquez E, Joseph DB, Ahn JJ, Walis MC, Williams T, Rose C, Baum MA, Cheng EY. Urodynamic characteristics of neurogenic bladder in newborns with myelomeningocele and refinement of the definition of bladder hostility: Findings from the UMPIRE multi-center study

Tong C, Dew M, Zimmerman K, Hopson B, Blount J, Rocque B, Arynchyna A, Wilson T, Joseph DB, Dangle P, Powell D, McLain A. A Qualitative Interview Study on Successful Pregnancies in Women with Spina Bifida. J Ped Urol. 2021. Accepted.

Tong C, Storm D. Pediatric Trauma. AUA Core Curriculum 2021. Accepted.

Wallis MC, Paramsothy P, Newsome K, Williams T, Routh JC, Joseph DB, Cheng E, Tu D, Austin JC, Tanaka ST, Walker WO, Smith KA, Baum MA, Wiener JS. Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections in Newborns with Spina Bifida: Is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Necessary? J Urol. 2021 206(1),126-132 doi: 10.1097/JU.0000000000001690.

Weir S, Tong C, Dangle P. A rare, unusual presentation of Newberyite urolithiasis in adolescent female: A case report and review of literature. Urology. 2021 Mar 21: S0090-4295(21)00257-0. [PMID 33757794].

Wilson SN, Kongnyuy M, Joseph DB, Wilson T. Urodynamic utilization in the adult spina bifida patient: An institutional review. JPRM. 2021. Accepted.

Yerkes, EB, Cheng EY, Wiener JS, Austin JC, Tu DD, Joseph DB, Routh JC, Tanaka ST Translating pediatric urodynamics from clinic into collaborative research: lessons and recommendations from the UMPIRE study group

Presentations & Lectures

Rosen J, Joseph DB, Radiation Safety and Pediatric Videourodynamics. AAGUS Annual Meeting, Amelia Island, Florida, August 2021.

Rosen J, Joseph DB, Johnson L Radiation Safety and Pediatric Videourodynamics SPU Fall Congress, Miami, Florida, December 2021.

AAP Section on Urology Lattimer Lecture: DB Joseph Spina Bifida: Advocating for an International Approach to Prevention, Care and Treatment, Miami, Florida, December 2021.

Tong C. Surgical Management of VUR (grand rounds lecturer). Department of Urology. Einstein Healthcare Network Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2021.

Lucas J, Tong C, Bhatia V, et al. Follow-Up Patterns and Post-Injury Physical Activity Recommendations in Pediatric High-Grade Renal Trauma: A Multi-Center, Retrospective Analysis from the Traumatic Renal Injury Collaborative in Kids (TRICK) Consortium. AUA Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2021.

Lee AS, Tong C, Lucas J, et al. Does Race and Insurance Status Play a Role in High-Grade Renal Trauma in the Pediatric Population? An Analysis from the Traumatic Renal Injury Collaborative in Kids (TRICK) consortium. Societies for Pediatric Urology Fall Congress, Miami, Florida, 2021.

Tong C, Franco I, Tanaka S. A Quantitative Model to Demonstrate Urodynamic Improvement of Detrusor Work after Spinal Cord Detethering. European Society of Pediatric Urology/Societies for Pediatric Urology Joint Congress, September 2021.

Tong C, Bhatia V, Crane G, Gerber J, Lucas J, Lee A, Abelson B, Long C, Crane G, Lovvorn H, Simmons K, Wang M, Weiss D, Russell R, Zhuo X, Zope M, Kitchens D, Clayton D. Traumatic Renal Injury Collaboration for Kids (TRICK): Natural History and Demographics of High Grade Renal Trauma from a Multi-Institutional Consortium. European Society of Pediatric Urology/Societies for Pediatric Urology Joint Congress, September 2021.